Conference Topics

Sustainable Materials Engineering

Low impact materials, innovative materials, sustainable production and use of building materials, integration of new technologies for buildings and smart systems for sustainable construction.

Building Systems and Processes

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, integrated design of buildings, comfort and wellbeing in buildings, design optimization tools, life cycle assessment and life cycle costs.

Building Assessment Methods and Tools

Building sustainability assessment tools and methods, benchmarking and social, economic and environmental indicators for the built environment, building simulations.

Urban Regeneration and Spatial Planning

Urban development, regeneration and reuse of urban spaces, spatial planning strategies, methodologies and tools.

Sustainable Refurbishment

Sustainable refurbishment and repair of existing buildings, retrofitting solutions, adaptive reuse, interventions on cultural heritage in historic settings, industrial heritage and regeneration of industrial areas.

Socio–economic considerations in a Sustainable Built Environment

Social considerations, economic impact, policy, society.

Renewable Energy Sources and the Built Environment

Renewable energies including solar, wind, geothermal, CHP, building integration, smart grids, energy storage systems, innovative technologies, building integration.

Smart Buildings

Building Management Systems, Micro-Grids in buildings, Wireless Building Systems, Building Sensor Technologies, intelligence for people’s well-being, intelligent environments and spaces, intelligent building energy usage and storage.

Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainable built environment and education, lifetime education, Social justice.